SHREE ABIRAMI ENGGINEERING WORKS was established in 1992, an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company is one of the major company in the field of Transformer Manufacturing,Transformer Repairing, Transformer Rewinding, Transformer Overhauling, Transformer Erection, Transformer Testing, Transformer Rental/Hiring,Transformer Commissioning, Transformer Servicing, Transformer Overhauling and NABL Accredited Transformer Oil Testing Laboratory.We are authorized service company for the transformer manufacturers like AREVA, EMCO, ECE Transformers and Registered vendor for BHEL Bhopal and Jhansi.
We are having following Testing Facility for Transformer
power transformer test SFRA Test (Make: Doble) power transformer test Spill Current Test
power transformer test Tan Delta Test (Make: Megger) power transformer test DVDF Test
power transformer test High Voltage Test power transformer test BDV Test of Transformer Oil
power transformer test Insulation Resistance Test power transformer test Impedance Voltage Test
power transformer test Winding Resistance Test (Scope) power transformer test Vector Group Test
power transformer test Voltage Ratio Test power transformer test Earth Resistance Test
power transformer test Measuring Open Circut Voltage power transformer test CT Testing (Kneepoint Voltage Test& Primary Injection)
power transformer test Measurement S C Current Test power transformer test Due Point Test( Doble Make Kit)
power transformer test OTI and WTI Calibration power transformer test Moisture Content in Oil(PPM) (Doble Make Kit)
power transformer test Magnetic Balance Test power transformer test Moisture Content in SF6 Gas (Doble Make Kit)
power transformer test Magnetizing Current Test power transformer test CT ,PT & Power Analyser for Loss Measurement(Yokohama)

SFRA Test (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis)
Doble Make SFRA Test Kit

The Purpose of SFRA Test is mainly to check any Mechanical Dislocation inside your transformer during Transportation or due to Fault Condition.

Frequency Sub-Band
< 10 kHz
Main Core; Bulk Winding (Inductance)
10 kHz to 150 kHz
Bulk Component Shunt Impedances
150 kHz to 400 kHz
Main Windings
400 kHz to ~1 MHz
Main windings, Tap windings etc
In This Test Insulation power factor or dissipation factor (Tan delta) and Capacitance measurement of bushing provide an indication of the quality and soundness of the insulation in the bushing.
Eltel Make Tandelta Testing Kit Megger Make Tandelta Testing Kit
In this Test voltage upto 10KV is Applied to Bushing and Winding.There are Two type mode of measured in this method UST & GST Mode.

Insulation Resistance Test(5000 Volts)

Insulation resistance (IR) measurement is the simplest and most widely used test to check the soundness of transformer insulation. This test reveals the condition of insulation (i.e.Degree of dryness of paper insulation), presence of any foreign contaminants in oil and also any gross defect inside the transformer (like failure to remove the temporary transportation bracket on the live portion of tap-changer part).

Kyoritsu Make Insulation Resistance Testing Kit

Winding Resistance Test(25aMPs)

Transformer winding resistance are measured in the field in order to check for any abnormalities due to loose connections, broken strands and high contact resistance in tap
changers as a pre-commissioning checks and compare the measured values with factory
test values.

Scope Make Winding Resistance Test Testing Kit

Voltage Ratio Test

To determine the turns ratio of transformer, Turns Ratio: The Turns Ratio of a transformer is the ratio of the number of turns in a higher voltage winding to that in a lower voltage winding. Transformer turns ratio (TTR) meter available in convenient portable form. They have a hand crank power supply, with the voltages commonly used being very low, such as 12-120 V and 50-60 Hz.

Eltel Make Voltage Ratio Testing Kit
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